Oh go on then …

Well, here it is. Welcome to my blog on theatre. Since it will be some time before any of these pages get picked up by Google, how did you find this page?

Anyway … those of you who know we will be aware that I see a lot of plays every year; at least 60 for the last few years. When I’ve discussed plays with other people, I’ve sometimes been asked if I’m a reviewer, or suggest that I should do reviews. However, there’s always been a problem with this. As I write and direct myself, it puts me in a difficult position to comment on other people’s work. Quite simply, it doesn’t look good to shout down the efforts of people like yourself – it just comes across as saying “See my plays because all the others are crap”.

So this blog has one golden rule for theatre reviews: it only contains review of plays that I think are good, or show promise in some way. This is a similar policy to FringeReview, who only publish reviews for plays rated 3-star or above. This does not mean that I will give every play glowing praise regardless – a bad play won’t get a review at all, and I will give a promising play constructive criticism if it could be better. I will soon provide a full policy for the rules I have set myself, but this is the idea.

(There is one exception – for the really large-scale productions with big financial backing, I reserve the right to give the bad shows a kicking. This is not because I particularly enjoy stamping on these shows, but there are times when the critics are expected to find a play good or bad to fit in with the established consensus. On these occasions, it is important that everyone else has the freedom to say what they think as a counterbalance. But hopefully I won’t need to do this for some time.)

In addition, I intend to post the odd piece on upcoming plays I think may be worth seeing, and comments on theatre or the arts in general. But that’s your lot for today. Anyway wanting to read a review will have to wait until I’ve seen something to review. Watch this space.