And the most “original” review of the Edinburgh Fringe 2012 is …

… this. Obviously.

Catholic Truth | Should Catholics Support Edinburgh Fringe?

Yes, whilst folks like me have been engaging in the old tired tradition of turning up of Edinburgh Fringe plays and expressing our honest opinions on what we thought, the website Catholic Truth has truly been thinking outside the box. Instead of the usual debate on whether the open-access format is appropriate or whether the Fringe is becoming too commercialised, they’re asking some quite different questions: is it a cesspit of sinful debauchery, is it the duty of all Catholics to boycott the festival, and will you be damned to burn in hell for all eternity if you don’t?

I was particularly struck by the direction of this debate. At first it was noted that not everything in the Fringe is sex and swearing and blasphemy. It was even pointed out that there was some perfectly decent non-offensive stuff on offer, like Shakespeare or the Magic Porridge Pot. But after a quick-witted contributor Googled “homosexuals edinburgh fringe festivals” uncovered a smoking gun: some plays are of LGBT interest. And, apparently, that settles the matter.

On a more serious note, much credit to Anthony Miller, a comedy promoter, who debated the matter with these guys with admirable restraint. I’m not sure I could have done the same. Anyway, that’s enough for now. I hope to be back next week with my review of the smash hit fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe: The Gay Socialist Liberal Church of Satan – an interactive musical.