Roundup: Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Edinburgh Fringe letters held up by peopleOh heck. This is going to be a long one. I saw my usual 28 shows, but the standard this year was pretty good. It’s probably because I knew about a lot of good and promising groups from previous fringes, but the net result is that since I usually write about good and promising stuff, it’s going to be a hell of job job to write everything up. Most of the reviews you’ll find here will be a restatement of what I thought during my live coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe, but there are a few new reviews here too.

Since there’s a lot of good plays to report, I’m slightly changing my format. Until now, I’ve had two categories: “Pick of the fringe” for the good stuff and “Honourable mention” for things that could be better but still show promise (plus a few mentions of decent comedy). Since the former list would be a long one this time round, I’m splitting that into two, so there are now three tiers, with a very exclusive top tier. So, let’s go with the big one. Continue reading