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If, for any reason, you want to privately contact me without using the comments section of the post, and you can’t be bothered to search for the contact me page on my other site, here you go.

I aim to reply to everything I receive. If you don’t hear back from me, it’s probably because your post has been eaten by my over-zealous spam filter. Try again and you should be lucky a second time. If that still doesn’t work, leave a comment on a page and I’ll almost certainly pick that up.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PR FIRMS: If you are contacting me with a press release for a play you are promoting, please be aware that I generally only promote plays and companies that I’ve seen before and liked. You are of course welcome to invite me to review a play, and if I like it, I may start promoting you then. For the rules on how I review plays, see here and here. For a list of all the things I won’t do, see here.

Technical note: This web page seems to be unreliable at the moment. Use this at your own risk. Annoyingly, my other site’s contact form has also given up. Until this gets fixed, you might want to contact me on a temporary address

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